Endless Nights

Uniting the Roleplaying scene on the Light Datacenter!

Endless Nights is a social events community based on Zodiark. With several venues and multiple recurring events, we strive to provide the players on the Light datacenter with quality events to roleplay and hang out at.

In addition to hosting our own venues and events, Endless Nights also serves as a hub for other venues and hosts to bring their ideas to the masses.

We at Endless Nights put our best effort in to provide the community with events unlike any other before. With two fully operational venues and a multitude of original events happening every month, Endless Nights is quickly becoming one of the biggest social hubs on Zodiark and even the Light datacenter.

Whether you are looking for dedicated roleplaying communities and venues, or simply a place with music to relax and wind down at, Endless Nights offers a wide range of different kinds of venues and events that are sure to entertain - be it our own events, or those of our partners!

What does Endless Nights do?

We provide Zodiark, as well as the Light DC, with a place to hang out, roleplay, and make friends at, as well as multiple venues in which we host our very own custom events. In addition to this, we also provide other event hosts and venues with a platform to help them grow and reach a wider audience. Our goal is to unite the roleplay scene and create a hub thriving with creativity, passion, and variety for all patrons to enjoy.

The Tavern

The Endless Nights Tavern is the original Endless Nights experience - it's how it all started. Live music performed by our in-house bards, role-played staff for a fully immersive bar & diner experience, and memorable special events. For the all-round experience, this is the place to be.

The Afterparty

A more focused, specific, and mature venue - the Afterparty perfectly encapsulates our vision of the Eorzean nightlife experience. If an underground theme with a handpicked heavy music playlist sounds like a great time, this is the place for you.

Disclaimer: The Afterparty is a MATURE venue - 18+ ONLY.

Our Team

To make everything within Endless Nights work flawlessly, we have a team of officers, moderators, staff and performers who help us in every aspect of the undertaking - be it decisionmaking, moderation, performing musical masterpieces, or staffing the venues.

Partner Venues

As mentioned before, we do more than just make our own venues and events. We also offer a platform to other event hosts and venues to show their best creative ideas and bring them to the public eye. Our goal with this is to promote creativity, and to help prevent people with great ideas to become discouraged by helping them get started properly.

Thinking of starting you own venue, or do you already have one and do you wish to team up with Endless Nights? Join our Discord and get in touch!

Event Calendar

Lastly, we have a global calendar in which we present every event from our own venues aswell as our partners, so that everyone can have basic oversight of what kinds of activities are out there to attend.

The Endless Nights Events Community Partners

Below, you will find a list of the venues & event hosts who have partnered with Endless Nights. We strive to help these events reach a bigger audience and achieve their creativity goals by giving them a platform and helping them market their projects in the best way we can.

Own a venue or community and interested in becoming a partner? Join our Discord and get in contact with the Head Office!

Moonlight Music Event

Owner / Organizer(s): Zemla Zimila

The Moonlight Music Event is a traveling music community event organizer based on Light DC. Every event features new and different locations, most of which are usually out in the open world!

Location: Anywhere on Light DC!

Usual Event Times:

Bi-weekly on Saturday - 18:00 Server Time

La Petite Mort - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Ini, Rosen Hue

La Petite Mort (LPM) is a brand new mature RP venue on Light where your desires are our specialty. A Nightclub, Cocktail Bar and Brothel all in one where our 'Amours' await to fulfill your every fantasy.
Have a cocktail shaken by one of our talented bar staff, dance the night away in our club downstairs, or find your own piece of heaven in the arms of one of our talented 'Amours'. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the luxury of our new boutique venue and we can't wait to see you there.

Location: Phoenix - Goblet - Ward 22 - Plot 21

Usual Event Times:

18:00 / 19:00 Server Time
Wednesdays & Saturdays

The First Steps

Owner / Organizer(s): Mis'to Raesthe

The First Steps is an Adventurer's Haven, a place for Disciples of War, Magic, Land and Hand to find those of like mind, share their experiences, and plan future expeditions. Led by Keeper of the Moon Mis'to Raesthe, this veteran adventurer is keen to give those new to the trade the home, support and guidance they need on the road to making their first gil.

Location: Odin - Lavender Beds - Ward 23 Plot 36

Usual Event Times:

Every Tuesday - 18:00 Server Time

The Stray Sheep

Owner / Organizer(s): Mina Kimura

The Stray Sheep is a friendly bar with a warm atmosphere offering a relaxing place for a drink and to meet friends.

Location: Lich - Lavender - Ward 11 Plot 3

Usual Event Times:

Sunday - 19:00 Server Time

The Clever Clogs

Owner / Organizer(s): Etril Dawn & Zemla Zimila

Had a long day of adventures? Need to relax?

By all means, kick back thy boots, and chat casually with the other guests.
Got an idea, for your next engineering project?
Need a workspace to give form to the project within your mind?
Look no further, the workshop is free to use, we got everything from automatic door, to ceiling lights.

Location: Twintania - Lavender Beds - Ward 13 Plot 37

Usual Event Times:

To Be Announced - Keep up to date with announcements!

Serendipity Nightclub - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Aerelia Windwhisper

Serendipity is a nightclub nestled in the luscious forest on the outskirts Gridania. Come for a drink, the company of other like minded people or just to dance the night away. The choice is yours after all!

Location: Twintania - Shirogane - Ward 4 Plot 37

Usual Event Times:

Every Thursday - 20:00 Server Time

Seasalt Café

Owner / Organizer(s): Phish Sticks

Seasalt cafe features a casual spin on the butler/maid cafe culture and is as such a host cafe! Our main feature is the ability to request to spend time with a staff member of your picking and for them to give you their attention through your meal. In detail guides to this can be found in our carrd.

Location: Zodiark - Goblet - Ward 6 Plot 39

Usual Event Times:

Saturday - 14:00 Server Time

By The Riverbend

Owner / Organizer(s): Sarah & Adelas Blackmourne

By the Riverbend is a souvenir shop and tea parlor that aims to provide an immersive, roleplay environment to all creatives. Monthly art parties are held for all of Light DC to participate in. Come by and enjoy our live performances with a cup of tea and a dessert!

Location: Twintania - Lavender - Ward 14 plot 6

Usual Event Times:

Sunday - 18:00 Server Time

The Green Cove

Owner / Organizer(s): Celestine & Lucia Hetzer

The Green Cove is a Bathhouse and Sauna.
The Cove exists to provide mature people with a space to relax on the end of the week and mentally prepare for the oncoming week and it's challenges.

Location: Lich - Mist - Ward 11 Plot 4

Usual Event Times:

Sunday - 18:00 Server Time

The Dragons Roost

Owner / Organizer(s): Vanstralk Grambla

The Roost is a small tavern/eatery hidden away in the Lavender beds between two beautiful waterfalls.. we are open on mornings for now for those weary adventurers who wake up just as early and would like some good food a nice warm drink and a friendly banter on a morning!

Location: Zodiark - Lavender - Ward 12 Plot 45

Usual Event Times:

Tuesday & Friday - 08:00 Server Time

Exile Metal Club - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Elucia Diesel

A Metal and Rock club tucked away in the forests of the Black Shroud!

Location: Zodiark - Lavender - Ward 19 Plot 16

Usual Event Times:

Monday - 19:00 Server Time

The Bunker

Owner / Organizer(s): Ilnoix Kalma

Discovered in a quiet corner of The Lavender Beds, this previously abandoned building greets you with the very nature reclaiming its halls. Relax upstairs surrounded by the overgrowth, or delve deeper and discover the hidden life of the party - The Bunker!

Location: Odin - Lavender - Ward 13 Plot 41

Usual Event Times:

Fortnightly on Monday - 20:00 Server Time

Tsukiakari Nightclub

Owner / Organizer(s): Lottie Vorus & Kiyoko Fumetsu

Nestled in Shirogane, Tsukiakari (meaning Moonlight) is an Eastern night club with loud music, bright lights and a brilliant atmosphere. With dancers to accompany you at your table or on the dance floor, special drinks with unusual effects, and a VIP program with exclusive benefits, Tsukiakari is the place to start your weekend!

Location: Lich - Shirogane - Ward 10 Plot 58

Usual Event Times:

Friday - 20:00 Server Time

Silverfang Dojo

Owner / Organizer(s): Ryoku the Silverfang

A place for all those who enjoy combat and want to improve at it. The Dojo is a small venue where you can improve your battle prowess, train in new ways of combat or just have fun challenging each other. OOCly we also want to bring Combat RP closer to new players and help them improve their writing in Situational RPs

Location: Lich - Shirogane - Ward 5 Plot 27

Usual Event Times:

Friday - 18:00 Server Time

Esper Care

Owner / Organizer(s): Arkana Grey (Phoenix)

Esper Care is a health and wellbeing venue, specialising in medical RP and with a spa in the basement.

Location: Phoenix - Goblet - Ward 19 Plot 43

Usual Event Times:

Every other Wednesday - 18:00 Server Time

Iniqua - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Gadriel Nephilim (Zodiark)

We are a Bar with a gothic touch where you can dance, chat and drink. Come in your darkest attire and dance the night away! We have dancers to make you loose up a little. Maybe invite them to dance with you.

Location: Zodiark - Lavender - Ward 23, Apartment 8 (Lily Hills)

Usual Event Times:

Saturday - 20:15 Server Time

The Inari Inn

Owner / Organizer(s): Narukai Saito (Zodiark)

A charming little inn offering fine dinning and relaxation in the form of an onsen where the sake is always free flowing.

Location: Zodiark - Shirogane - Ward 4 Plot 44

Usual Event Times:

Every other Monday - 16:00 Server Time

Miss Zimila's Boutique de Glamour

Owner / Organizer(s): Zemla Zimila (Zodiark)

Do you need advice on what to wear on your next visit to the nightclubs? Are you looking for a new style or just some sturdy garbs for your next adventure? At Zimila's Boutique you will find everything for your clothing and fashion needs. On special occasions the downstairs stage will open up for musical performances, fashion extravaganzas or glamour contests!

Location: Zodiark - Lavender - Ward 12 Plot 19

Usual Event Times:

Open by Request, occasional announced events.

Killler - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Kami Shifuji, Winter Fujikido

Killer is an Discothek-themed Venue. Enjoy the Night-Life from Final Fantasy, meet new People, get some Drinks and listen to the hard Music of Hardstyle, Trance, Dubstep, Reverse Bass and more raw Bass-Music.

Location: Lich - Lavender - Ward 1 Plot 30

Usual Event Times:

Friday - 18:00 Server Time

The Velvet Room - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Jaak Onion / Nimui Moonmoon

The Velvet Room is a more classic themed adult nightclub with bar area and adult entertainment.

Location: Zodiark - Lavender - Ward 19 Plot 27

Usual Event Times:
Friday - 19:00 Server Time


Owner / Organizer(s): Aohiru-gumi FC, Ethelyn Letcher

Loud rock and metal music, gambling, alcohol, drugs, pretty girls and boys, what else do you need in life?

Location: Odin - Mist - Ward 17 Plot 32

Usual Event Times:

Thursday - 18:00 Server Time

Dollhouse - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): Sekiriko Yuka

The Dollhouse is an exclusive brothel with many different dolls for many different preferences. What makes us so exclusive? The way our dolls do their best to fulfil every wish in our different themed private rooms. The dolls are not only fun and friends, they are family. Join our doll community if you looking for some special adventures.

Location: Lich - Shirogane - Ward 1 Plot 43

Usual Event Times:
Tuesday - 18:00 Server Time
Friday & Saturday - 19:30 Server Time

Magical Nights - 18+

Owner / Organizer(s): X'aru Noxium

An EDM Club with a slight nightclub touch, that makes your dreams come true, enjoy the EDM Beats to a setting that makes you dance! We also provide private dances and private rooms, too make your night even more magical.

Location: Twintania - Shirogane - Ward 21 Plot 19

Usual Event Times:

Tuesday - 18:00 Server Time

Event Calendar

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Head of Performances
Staff Manager


Head of Security


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Head of Partner Relations



Master of Ceremonies

Zaryn Kune

Mistress of Ceremonies

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Rosaria Marseen

Coming from the woods of Othard and having met quite a bunch of travelling folk along the way, Rosa delivers melodies that seem like they come from different worlds.

Musical Style:
Just about anything

Taka Kaldore

We can see her like a gust of wind here and there armed with her musical instruments. Difficult to predict the intentions of this Lalafell with a mischievous smile. However here she is, without anyone really knowing why... maybe something to share ?

Musical Style:
All and nothing, medley and compo.

Yoko Mitsuaki

Yoko always had a passion for music and learned very early to play diverse instruments. He was born in an old samurai family in Yanxia, which despite being more political these days, still had their pride in their legacy.

He was expected very early to follow their steps and be his father's successor, but was a "problematic" kid who would sneak out to play with other kids in the street.
He was very aware of the gap between his family fake "freedom" and the rest of the land, captive, poor and in a very low mood. He would always try to cheer people up be singing or playing music to them.

Musical Style:
Mostly very energetic things, but can settle for softer ones!

Raven Drusla

Raven was born into the Drusla clan in the Azim Steppe. She left the clan at a young age for personal reasons and eventually she found herself traveling with a wandering Dance Troupe.

Traveling with this group fostered a love of dancing and performing. Though dancing and playing instruments seemed to come a bit easier to her Raven worked hard to perfect her talents. Always pushing herself to learn new routines, and new songs.

Eventually the troupe made it's way to Eorzea, and this is when Raven decided to strike off on her own. Now she spends her days adventuring and bringing her art to as many people as she can.

Musical Style:
A bit all over the place. If the music can make someone feel something Raven will gladly play it

Happy Tunes

Happy Tunes is the merry happy band of lalafells, hailing from the server Shiva! With an astonishing collection of music and excellent execution of every last track, Happy Tunes delivers a stunning performance time and time again.

Happy Tunes consists of the following members:
- Holo May
- Zelika May
- Zili Mini
- Penny Pen
- Holo Mini

Musical Style:
We play all kinds of music and are constantly working on expanding our list.

Oasis Wonderwall

A lonesome Au'ra decided one day, it was gonna be the day that the worlds gonna throw it back to her. But by then, she finally somehow realised what she gotta do...Which was performing and making people smile!
(She is often seen in public wearing a large chocobo or frog head.)

Musical Style:
All kinds and a lot of memes.

Hana Yuki

As someone who has spent her life obsessed with music and the playing of it, Hana taught herself to play a broad spectrum of instruments and eventually found herself roaming the lands, playing music for those in need. Her musical variety leads to her being a most exciting musician.

Musical Style:
Metal, Classical, Anime, Film Music, Game Music, MEME Music.

Ophelia Gryffin

Born into a family of wandering musicians, Ophelia has grown up learning a variety of instruments. Being passionate about them, she mastered the art of music quickly and has since been playing on stages all across Eorzea.

Musical Style:
All kinds of music, trying to specialize on modern music and EDM titles.

Sami Saevus

The owner of Endless Nights - but don't be mistaken! Sami has a surprisingly extensive toolkit, which extends to music! Her interest in the music and performances aswell as her stubborn nature has led her to become a stellar performer, able to provide great music and entertainment at a moment's notice.

Musical Style:
Game OST, 8-bit

Tomana Dawnstar

Originally a wandering tribal healer from Othard mountains, Tomana picked up the lute when she joined the Twin Adders and discovered warriors who were inspiring and soothing their comrades not just with spells, but with music as well. Now, Tomana is seldom seen without her two most treasured possessions - a conjurer's staff to mend bodies, and an archlute to mend souls.

Musical Style:
Classical guitar, lute and theorbo pieces.

Asteria Minai

Born and raised in Doma, Asteria fought alongside the soldiers of the city to fight back the garlean before coming to Eorzea. Her proficiency lays in white magic, but she loves to play music in her free time to relax as well.

Musical Style:
Preferable OSTs from all the games, combined with some well known songs from the present and the past.

Niki Ryuuka

Hailing from the north with her feral blue appearance, she's pushed the boundaries of what a "bard" means with her variety and creativity. Often playing for small crowds in Gridania for fun, she paves her own way and invites others to join her for the journey!

Musical Style:
All kinds of stuff, mostly on Piano, or Harp.
Songs used for anime seem to be a reoccurring thing.

Charra Raha

Like a true bookworm she long dreamed about visiting The Great Gubal library. When she finally visited that library, she found multiple old music sheets which she would then translate into music for the modern ages - all while retaining the theme of old.

Now she spends time mostly in taverns spreading song of old among people and always searching for more songs to add to her collection.

Musical Style:
Ballads, drinking and dancing songs of times long past