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    Endless Nights

    Uniting the Roleplaying & Events community in FFXIV!

    Welcome to Endless Nights Events!
    THE place to be for all your roleplaying and events needs in FFXIV.
    Whether you're a weathered roleplayer looking for places to enjoy an immersive experience, or a brand new sprout who wants to find out what on earth this Community Events stuff is all about from seeing one of our shout outs in-game, there's a place for you at Endless Nights.Not only does ENE have its own venues and recurring events for a variety of appetites, we also focus on being a hub for many other venues and hosts! We want to make sure you can find a range of different types of places to discover and enjoy.Wanting to find somewhere dedicated for roleplay? We've got you. Somewhere with epic music and a nightclub feel? We've got you. Or maybe you'd like to find somewhere to just relax and wind down at after a busy day? We've still got you!There are so many creative and hard working people behind these fantastic events it would be a crime to not shout from the rooftops when they're open! Maybe not Kugane Tower though...Anyway, where were we? Ahhh yes, the wonders of what Eorzea has to offer... soon to be expanding with data center travel! We're really looking forward to this, and are hoping to expand into as many regions as possible. The main goal of ENE being a place to truly unite the roleplaying and events communities within all of FFXIV.Feel free to join our discord and have a look around, we'd love to welcome you to the family!

    Community Events

    Community Partners

    Looking for a variety of community events and venues? This is the place! We have a large amount of partnered venues, all of which run all sorts of different and unique events every week.Thinking of starting you own venue, or do you already have one and do you wish to team up with Endless Nights? Join our Discord and get in touch!

    Event Calendar

    If you're ever wondering whether or not there's something going on, or just want something to do or look forward to - the Endless Nights Events Calendar is the place to look! With unique events happening every single day, and an ever-expanding amount of venues, you're sure to find something to your liking here.

    Our Own Events

    The Endless Nights Tavern

    The original Endless Nights experience - how it all started. Live music performed by our in-house bards, role-played staff for a fully immersive bar & dining experience, and memorable special events. For the all-round experience, this is the place to be.

    The Afterparty

    A more focused, specific, and mature venue - the Afterparty perfectly encapsulates our vision of the Eorzean nightlife experience. If an underground vibe and multiple live DJs sounds like a great time, this is the place for you.Disclaimer: The Afterparty is a MATURE venue - 18+


    Coming Soon!

    Our Team

    To make everything within Endless Nights work flawlessly, we have a team of officers, moderators, staff and performers who help us in every aspect of the undertaking - be it decisionmaking, moderation, performing musical masterpieces, or staffing the venues.

    Partnered Community Venues & Events

    Below, you will find a list of the venues & event hosts who have partnered with Endless Nights. We strive to help these events reach a bigger audience and achieve their creativity goals by giving them a platform and helping them market their projects in the best way we can.Own a venue or community and interested in becoming a partner? Join our Discord and get in contact with the Head Office!To see when all of these events are happening, head over to our Calendar!

    Work in Progress - Coming Soon

    Event Calendar

    All events below are listed in the UTC timezone, which is equivalent to the FFXIV Server Time (ST).Click entries for more info!

    My Calendar 1

    [Under Construction]



    Owner & Head of Operations
    Graphic Designer
    Main Venue Designer


    Community Manager
    Head of Partner Affairs


    Venue Manager
    Head of Head

    [Under Construction]

    Head Office


    Head of Security


    Head of Security


    Head Writer


    Head Dancer









    Service & Security


    Service & Security



    Work in Progress - More to be added soon!


    Happy Tunes

    Happy Tunes is the merry happy band of lalafells, hailing from the server Shiva! With an astonishing collection of music and excellent execution of every last track, Happy Tunes delivers a stunning performance time and time again.Happy Tunes consists of the following members:
    - Holo May
    - Zelika May
    - Zili Mini
    - Penny Pen
    - Holo Mini
    Musical Style:
    We play all kinds of music and are constantly working on expanding our list.

    Tomana Dawnstar

    Originally a wandering tribal healer from Othard mountains, Tomana picked up the lute when she joined the Twin Adders and discovered warriors who were inspiring and soothing their comrades not just with spells, but with music as well. Now, Tomana is seldom seen without her two most treasured possessions - a conjurer's staff to mend bodies, and an archlute to mend souls.Musical Style:
    Classical guitar, lute and theorbo pieces.

    Charra Raha

    Like a true bookworm she long dreamed about visiting The Great Gubal library. When she finally visited that library, she found multiple old music sheets which she would then translate into music for the modern ages - all while retaining the theme of old.Now she spends time mostly in taverns spreading song of old among people and always searching for more songs to add to her collection.Musical Style:
    Ballads, drinking and dancing songs of times long past

    Hana Yuki

    As someone who has spent her life obsessed with music and the playing of it, Hana taught herself to play a broad spectrum of instruments and eventually found herself roaming the lands, playing music for those in need. Her musical variety leads to her being a most exciting musician.Musical Style:
    Metal, Classical, Anime, Film Music, Game Music, MEME Music.